Are We Still Thankful?

Whew! I am glad I started counting what I was thankful for each day up to Thanksgiving, but I'm even happier that we're almost to Thanksgiving! :-) I think it might have been easier to sit down and make a list of 26 things I'm thankful for all at once (maybe next year!). However, this has certainly reminded me daily of how much I take for granted and have to be thankful for in my life.

Carrie's November Thankfulness List - Tuesday (24)
  • Salvation - I'm thankful for how my faith in Christ impacts every area of my life. I'm thankful that He died to pay for my sins. There is nothing else more important in my life and in this world than the Gift that He gave you and me if we choose to accept it. We can spend eternity with Him in Heaven! How glorious!! Without my faith, I would be lost and overwhelmed. With my faith, I know that no matter what happens, He is there with me.  
I had a few other things to be thankful for, but compared to Salvation, they seem silly...so I'll save them for tomorrow's list! :-)

I'm off to make my first attempt at a sugar-free pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving. I will, of course, have to taste it to see how it turns out. Bummer. ;-)

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  1. Yep, that about sums it up...

    Hope the pie turned out. :o)


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