Monday - A Two-Cups-of-Coffee Morning

Monday. Again. How does that happen? I'm not feeling witty or charming this morning, so don't expect a lot from this post. :-) However, I need to recap something humorous that happened over the week-end because it ties in with what I am thankful for today.

I'm standing in line at our local CVS waiting to pick up a prescription on Saturday. There is a couple in front of me who are there to get some pain medication for the man who has the middle finger of his left hand bandaged up with loads of gauze (i.e. he's been to the E.R). He tells the tech that his finger is really throbbing because, and I quote, "I sawed off part of my finger."


I then begin to observe the man and realize that he's still in workboots and he has blood drops all the way down one leg of his jeans. Poor guy - that must have hurt! Then I look at his shirt (because his wife is wearing a shirt that's advertising some local church), and see the word, "Redneck". My curiousity begins to get the better of me so I start moving around so I can see the back of his shirt and read what it says.

I finally get a glimpse of the words, "Redneck Mechanic", and a picture of a man working on a truck in the woods. The man in the picture doesn't, shall we say, have his derriere completely covered by his pants (a la a plumber). As the man with the bandaged hand turns to walk away from the counter, I see the whole back of the shirt and I could not stop laughing.

"Redneck Mechanic: Safety...it's not all it's cracked up to be" - Yes, I found a picture of the shirt online.

Shirt picture found at http://workingperson.com/ - but don't get your hopes up, the shirt is currently unavailable. Sorry.

I was dying to ask the man with the partially missing finger if he thought safety was important now, but I didn't. :-)

So, without further ado, here are the things I'm thankful for for Sunday and Monday.

Carrie's November Thankfulness List 
Sunday & Monday (15 & 16)
  • Sense of Humor and Laughter - Today I am thankful that God created us with a sense of humor and the ability to laugh. Many times in our travels around the world when life got a little too crazy, we were always thankful for the gift of humor and being able to find something to laugh about when life got too nuts. :-)
  • Our Local Church - On Sunday I was thankful for our local Church body and the excellent Bible teaching that we receive from our pastor. I'm thankful for the freedom to worship as we please. Last Sunday (Nov. 8) was the official Sunday to remember the Persecuted Church around the world, but I am reminded to pray for them while we worship in freedom here each Sunday. For more information about the Persecuted Church, visit Voice of the Martyrs.
Happy Monday everyone. I'm off for that second cup of coffee to try to wake myself up. I feel like such a slug today! Grrrr...

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  1. Wow, that story combined with the shirt is hilarious. What a world we live in... Good stuff.


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