Wednesday Book Recommendation

What does this clip from the old TV show, "Home Improvement" have to do with today's book recommendation? Well, cheese of course! :-) If you are like us and you love cheese, and not just any ol' cheese, you like good cheese, then you need to add this book to your (kitchen) library:

This book was purchased at Mr. K's Used Books in Johnson City, TN, but the updated version is available HERE on Amazon.com

Here is a confession - perhaps even a guilty one - from a self-proclaimed frugal shopper (especially when it comes to food). We splurge on cheese. In fact, we go to Earth Fare [GASP] to purchase our cheese. It is our guilty pleasure, but we don't do it very often.

Aside from the fact that we splurge on cheese, we are still novices when it comes to good cheese and what to eat with certain cheeses. This book has helped a lot and is Peter's "go to" resource for all things cheese related.

From the back cover
The Cheese Companion features an A-Z directory of more than 100 of the world's best-known gourmet cheeses. Each is illustrated with one or more beautiful full-color photographs. Discover:
  • What to look for in a good cheese: the characteristic texture and smell
  • How to cut and store different varieies
  • The right complementary wine to serve
  • Rare speciality cheese worth scouting when you're traveling abroad
This is the perfect guideor the adventurous home cook who wants to range beyond the tried-and-true. As an added bonus, The Cheese Companion provides a fascinating 24-contry survey of he history of cheese, explaining how the land and animals of each country influence the cheese that country produces. It makes for an entertaining addition to a very practical book.

Christmas Gift Idea: If you have a cheese lover in your life, this would make a great Christmas gift (and right now it's listed for only $7.58 at Amazon). You could combine it with a gift certificate to a local cheese shop or a grocery store that sells specialized cheeses - or even a basket of sample-size gourmet cheeses.

On a final note, and nothing to do with this week's book other than that it involves cheese... :-)

We have some dear friends in New England who serve cheese, crackers, and grapes when they have guests over - and I can't even begin to tell you how special it makes us feel. Rather than rushing to the meal, "Hello. You're here. Dinner's ready.", we have a chance to sit around and visit beforehand - eat a little cheese - and relax a bit before dinner. We have tried to do that here in our home, but people don't seem to know what to do with the snack - and I usually get the question, "How much longer before dinner is ready?"

So I'm using my blog as a Soapbox today and encouraging people to linger, enjoy a pre-meal snack and fellowship time, and don't be in such a rush to eat and leave! :-) People are more important than the work that you have to do at home or the ballgame or TV show that you are missing.


  1. Interesting post... so you're coffee AND cheese snobs! :) Hey, you'll never hear me or Josh complaining about pre-dinner cheese!

  2. Carrie,
    Great recommendation on a couple of accounts! The Cheese book looks terrific and I already know someone who'd love it as a gift. And a big AMEN to lingering over a worthy appetizer! Some of our family does this (with cheese!) and it's so relaxing. It also provides a little perk for the cook, by biding a bit more time :-)

    Great post as ALWAYS!


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