Breast Cancer Awareness

No, you didn't miss something. It's not October - the "official" month of awareness. I'm not a pink-ribbon wearing, pink-product buying, walking-for-a-cure person. But it's on my mind because today my uncle, cousins (and families), and my mother are saying good-bye to my aunt (his wife, their mother, grandmother & mother-in-law, and my mom's sister-in-law) who lost her battle with breast cancer on Friday. She found a lump 11 years ago and fought a long war against this nasty disease, but it eventually won.

So this is your friendly reminder, do self-exams on a monthly basis. If you want to know how you should do this, check out the Susan G. Komen website - this link will take you directly to a page that explains how to properly do a self-exam.

If you just want to know more about breast cancer, you can visit the American Cancer Society's page by clicking here.

When I do my monthly exams from now on, I will be thinking of Aunt L. This world is not our true home, but I'll do what I can to take care of myself while I'm here, and I hope you will too.



  1. Carrie,
    Thank you for the reminder to pray for your family and to take care of our bodies.

    My sis-in-laws battle with colon cancer continues, and it too, has created a heightened awareness of our frailty. We are stewards of these earthen vessels, and that means going through those monthly exams, yearly tests, eating right, and trusting the Lord who knows, loves and values our days and frame.

    As you said, we must take care of ourselves while we're here. And your post is a great reminder!

    Love and prayers, Linda

  2. Cancer is something that hits close to home right now... my grandmother and several other relatives and good friends are battling it right now. Thanks for the reminder... and I'm very sorry for your family's loss - I will keep them in my prayers.


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