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Here's a Tip: It's OK to take a break if you need one. Take a break from blogging, from the self-imposed task of keeping a spotless house, from a hobby that has lost it's luster, from the "usual" recipes. Take a break from volunteering at church (someone else will take your place), from watching TV, even from clipping coupons. Allow yourself to pause (temporarily or long-term) whatever is extra in your life. *Please note that I am not in any way suggesting that you inform your husband and kids that they are one their own now - no more laundry, cleaning, cooking, or care-taking. I am not recommending that you tell your boss that you'll be on vacation until further notice - if you do that you might actually find yourself permanently in that position! ;-) What I am suggesting is that you take some time to recharge your batteries or refocus on your goals while doing the basics.  Take time to focus on your family, on other hobbies, on laundry or dirty dishes, on a book you want to finally finish reading. Focus on your husband, on your blog, on the mundane or the extraordinary, on other responsibilities or on goofing off if you are worn out. 

There are several things going on in our lives right now and my "oomph" for writing has lessened. After trying to write several blog posts and realizing I'm lacking the passion, I've decided to take a short break so I don't burn out. I'd like to keep this blog up, and most of the time I really enjoy it, but right now I'm not. So I'm going on holiday from blogging. You may see a post or two if the writing mood hits, but don't be surprised if I'm unusually quiet. I'm still here, I'm just "running silent and deep" for a bit. :-)


  1. haha, love your March stuff :)

    There is nothing wrong with pausing your blog...I did it for 6 months. I will still be there when you get back and so will I :)

    Enjoy your break!

  2. Carrie,
    Praying for you, that a break will bring strength and comfort in a time of need.

    As for me, when it comes to blogging, I work to keep it from work :-) But it can still be like an unfinished thing on a 'to-do' list.

    I look forward to whatever is ahead, and will be here when you are! Blessings!


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