Friday $avings: Paid for Shopping Edition

So, I'm sure I'm the last person to the party, but just in case you're even more behind than I am, let me tell you about Ebates!! I've mentioned it before, but now that I've gotten my first "Big Fat Check" and I just earned almost $20 back by buying printer ink online (and getting cheaper than in store!), I had to share it again!

Basically, Ebates is an online shopping gateway. If the store you were planning on shopping at is accessed through their site, each store gives you a percentage back on your order total. The most useful stores for me have been L.L.Bean, Lands End (it IS bathing suit season afterall!), Target, 123 Ink, eBay, and Starbucks. But there are several other stores (including Diapers.com for those of you who are looking for cheap diaper deals) that offer coupons and cash back for ordering through Ebates.

I haven't explained it very well, but let me just give you the bottom line...for ordering stuff I would have purchased anyway (and ordering stuff for my mom as she isn't technology-friendly), I have earned $33.33 for the year, and it's only April! They pay out every three months if you've earned more than $5 and you can get it returned via PayPal or by actual check. That's $33.33 more towards our summer vacation fund!! :-)

So here's the best deal...if you haven't signed up for Ebates yet, you can click through MY LINK and you will earn a $5 starting bonus (payable when you make your first qualifying purchase - basically when you make your first purchase at a store that you accessed through Ebates)!! And when you make your first purchase and earn $5 back, I also earn $5 - it's a win-win situation! :-) So if you've been under a rock (as I was until this past December) and haven't signed up, DO IT NOW! :-)

I'm linking this up to the Frugal Friday post over at Life as MOM. Head over there to check out more great frugal ideas from lots of lovely people! :-) Have a great (frugal) week-end!

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  1. I used to do ebates - but then I discovered shopathome. I find that the % back is higher at shopathome than at ebates. I love getting those checks in the mail!


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