Vacation Update

Today is our first day back in the "real world" - which basically means Peter is back at work and I have to get this messy house cleaned up before our first set of company arrives on Friday. :-) We spent a week with all 15 members of my family (parents, siblings, in-laws, and nephews) plus an uncle thrown in for good measure making it 16 people in a beautiful house on the beach in Isle of Palms, SC. Lovely week! We visited historical sites, relaxed in the pool, collected seashells on the beach, and ate way too much. Remember those beach books I talked about? Well, they stayed in my suitcase all week - too much other fun stuff to do! After the beach Peter and I drove up to Michigan for a friend's wedding and to visit some of Peter's extended family for a day - it was a quick trip. Yesterday we had to take care of some business around here as we tried to ignore the fact that today he had to return to work...but eventually our alarm went off at 5:50 this morning and things went back to normal. I miss the sound of the ocean, but at least I have these pictures to remind me of our week...

USS Yorktown

We got a couple of rounds of Putt-Putt in with my brother and his family ;-)

Your tour guide today will be...a nutcase named Carrie!

This was the house we rented for the week - plenty of room for all 16 of us!

It was a great week - relaxing, fun, and full of memories - just the way a vacation should be!

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  1. Welcome back. That beach house looks awesome. Glad you had a good time.


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