Fireproof Fun and Marriage Thoughts

Moment of honesty, are you ready? In general, I'm a big skeptic when it comes to Christian films. In my experience, they tend to be pathetic copies of secular stories, poorly written with bad acting and a small budget (The Ten Commandments - while not necessarily Biblically accurate or a "Christian film" - would certainly be a huge exception to this rule!). While I'm not overly excited about the 2008 movie Fireproof (for various reasons), I really appreciate that they thought outside the box in this "extra" from the DVD. In fact, I enjoyed this 60 second version of Fireproof much more than the full-length film. Enjoy!

Now that you have watched the 60-second version and you have heard my opinion of Christian movies, I want to make it clear that, despite the cheesiness of the film, I do appreciate the main point of the movie. When you make your marriage vows, it's for better or WORSE - at times it seems that no one grasps that concept anymore.

True story: "Joe" was in the process of getting a divorce. Joe's friend heard the reasons for breaking up and then listened as Joe went on to say that "he didn't sign up for this" (you know, the yucky, hard stuff). The situation was not conducive to further conversation, but the friend wanted to tell Joe, "Actually, yes, you did. On your wedding day. Remember saying, 'for better, for worse, in good times and in bad'? These are those bad times they were talking about that you committed to stick with her through." Commitment is something that isn't always easy - that's why it's called commitment! I'm thankful that I am married to someone who feels the same way about marriage that I do, but if you are not in that situation, or if you are considering packing it up - please do two things:

1) Watch Fireproof. Seriously. Yes, it's totally cheesy, but do it anyway. Yes, it is a movie, but I have actually known real life people who have done just what the movie portrays and have worked out their differences. One couple was separated, another couple was already  divorced and got remarried. It can happen. Pick up a copy of The Love Dare and work your way through it - together or on your own. 
2) Get counseling - and stick with it! If you don't attend church, ask friends or co-workers to help you find a pastor or a family counselor who can help. As much pain, anger, hurt, and heartache as you are experiencing, the issues won't magically go away if you get divorced or find someone "new".

If you're happily married - never take your spouse for granted. Make sure that you invest time in keeping your marriage on solid ground. Take time to continue to get to know each other as you age and change. I'll leave you with my favorite quote from Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias - the quote that changed my life forever in 1998:

"Love is as much a question [or act] of the will as it is of the emotion. And if you WILL to love somebody, you can."

--Ravi Zacharias, quoting his brother (who was about to enter an arranged marriage) 

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  1. Yeah, I'm a bit suspicious of Christian movies as well but I really liked Fireproof and the sister movie Facing the Giants, despite the odd moments of awkwardness. Am doing the Love Dare now and its a very profound book, not just for couples whose marriage is in trouble.


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