The List That Never Ends...

11. Finding a pen that makes me want to write

12. New office supplies (no relation to #11)

13. A healthy, happy marriage

14. Rain

15. Orange pumpkins - big or small

16. Friendly big dogs

17. New blogging friends

18. A cup of warm Rooibos tea

19. Frozen Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies topped with ReddiWip

20. Tomatoes - freshly picked from the garden

What are YOU thankful for this week?

1 comment:

  1. I'm thankful for:

    1. My precious children laughing and telling each other secrets
    2. Getting flowers for no reason from my husband
    3. Rain
    4. Hot, fresh glazed Krispy Kream donuts
    5. A good book
    6. Laughing with a friend
    7. Hitting a good sale
    8. Watching trees turn in the fall
    9. Going on a drive with my family
    10.Friday night football games


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