Booking It Update: August/September

I'm still here and I'm still Booking It with Jessica over at the Life as MOM blog. I had just about given up hope of finishing my Booking It selections, but then got encouragement from Peter and various blog readers to keep going. What I had to come to peace with in my own mind was that it was going to be okay if I didn't finish reading the books I selected back in January - as long as I was making more of an effort to read new books. And that I have most certainly done!

Skating ShoesHowever, I did finally manage to finish Skating Shoes by Noel Streatfeild which was my selection for July. Once I started it I finished it quickly as it is a very easy-to-read children's book. I had already read Ballet Shoes and liked it, but Skating Shoes was, I am sad to say, a disappointment and is already in the bag to be traded in at our local used book store. I had a hard time getting into the story and felt that the character developement was lacking. Neither Lalla nor Harriet were lovable little girls (though Harriet tried), and most of the time I felt myself tired of hearing Lalla's talk about her amazing skating ability. I was also disappointed that there was very little change in Aunt Claudia's attitude - as one might expect in the end of a book. Overall I can't recommend this book - too bad because I so very much wanted to like it.

In the meantime, the book I've picked from my list for September is One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich by Alexander Solzhenitsyn. So far, so good - but we shall see. I'm also reading Beyond Opinion by Ravi Zacharias, Now, Discover Your Strengths by Marcus Buckingham and Donald O. Clifton, and I just finished The Sharper Your Knife The Less You Cry by Kathleen Flinn (the deeper I got into the book, the more I liked it). On my "fun list" is book #10 in The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency, Tea Time for the Traditionally Built by Alexander McCall Smith. As part of the Book Club Bloggers (the other online reading group I have recently joined), I read Maniac Magee this month - an easy book which took me a little over an hour to read from start to finish. I would recommend it (and will be discussing it next Wednesday on the blog).

How about you? Are you still Booking It or have you read any good books in the last month?

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  1. One Day is a depressing book. I used too teach it at the HS level and most of my kids hated it. Alough, it's been years since I read it,so need to refresh my memory. Am re-reading The Giver, since it has been years since I read that one too. Finished Guernsey and LOVED IT!!!! Where is the sequel??????????

  2. I recommend the book Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe. I used to teach that one too and if you have been to Africa, you will relate a bit more than the average person.

  3. Skating Shoes and Ballet Shoes reminds me of that scene in You've Got Mail where she's in the big box bookstore and she's crying about the books. :)
    I really enjoyed Beyond Opinion, really good book. What am I reading? Hmm, The Mission of Motherhood, with the kids Calico Captive and George Washington. Oh, and Charlotte's Web with Hudsy.

  4. I just started reading "Tea Time for the Traditionally Built" last night! It's on my September list. Those are great books!


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