THE List...Continued

It's amazing all the things you start to be thankful for once you stop and look around. On Facebook I have been making my "status" a list of things I am thankful for - from the small (coffee - daily) to the large (a future of possibilities, salvation, and did I mention coffee?). It has been helpful to me (curbing the outflow of cash) to think in terms of thankfulness for what we already have.

31. Pumpkin spice lattes made at home

32. Forming friendships over bowls of Indian curry

33. A stapler that works

34. Culture - the good, the bad, and the downright odd

35. Cooler mornings

36. Peter's job

37. High-speed internet

38. People who encourage me as I try new things

39. Crisply ironed shirts

40. Dunkin' Donuts coffee (also #6 on the list) - Delivered To Our Door


  1. #41- that you don't have a baby python hatching in your backyard!
    I know you feel my pain.

  2. There are so many things when you really start thinking about eh?

  3. You can make pumpkin spice lattes at HOME??? You are my hero!!!

  4. @Molly - I can't let you go on thinking that I make them. I married an amazing man who makes the world's best Pumpkin Spice Lattes (and Joy, up there, can attest to the yumminess of them). I'm so blessed!


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