Counting My Blessings...

Today we're counting blessings 61-70 and it really hasn't been hard at all to come up with ten things I'm thankful for each week. Actually, it has really made me pay more attention to the little things and take time to enjoy what God has given me. What are you thankful for this week?

61. Unexpected financial blessings

62. Homemade chili

63. Developing new friendships

64. Christmas music...played anytime of the year!

65. Finding deals for the Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes

66. Starbucks - Caramel Apple Cider

67. L.L. Bean free shipping (yes, it's shopping, but I'm still thankful!)

68. Flaxseed chips-turned-yummy-nachos

69. Facebook - it makes keeping up so much easier!

70. Low-carb, high protein pumpkin pancakes


  1. Your love of all things pumpkin never ceases to amaze. I bet pumpkin pancakes are yummy.

    And I've not had a caramel Apple Cider from Starbucks. Put that one on my to do list.

    I'm thankful for a hubby that plans fun dates each weekend... And I won't flood your comment section with all the other stuff.

    I love this series. So great.

  2. So fun to read your list!

    On my blog, Missional Mama, you asked aout my coffee mug and yes it is a Qatar mug. Small world, for sure! That made me smile! Thanks for commenting.



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