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It has been a long time in coming (almost 18 years since Peter first wrote the story, almost 2 years since I first started researching publishing options, and over a year since we found an artist and started the process)...but Mashed Potatoes: A Little Brother Story is finally published and UP FOR SALE!!! At the moment we have one outlet for it, but we're working on getting an Amazon.com site set up in addition to other book selling outlets. You can rest assured that I'll be sharing all the info on here and the Little Brother blog as soon as we have stuff nailed down.

{Please do not use without permission}

To purchase your very own book, you can click HERE to order a copy (or two or ten!) of Mashed Potatoes.

Also, we only earn a percentage of the price and we've put a lot of money into this, so if you want to share these links with your friends and family, we would be ever so grateful to you! I'm hoping to do a couple of give-aways as well, so stay tuned! And yes, you'd better believe I'm doing the {happy dance} right now!! :-D

If you would like to share a button that will take you and/or your readers to the sales site, please feel free to grab this button/code and share it all around! Thanks!

Little Brother Stories


  1. That's so exciting Carrie! Well done to you and Peter and the illustrator!

  2. Yippee! Congratulations!! I'll have to get a copy for Mack. We had some mashed potatoes for lunch today (with meatloaf) and she has known the sign for potatoes for a long time now. I'm a big potato lover :)


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