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I have gotten myself into trouble in the not-so-distant past by sharing links to minimalistic blog posts. The interesting thing to me was how differently I viewed what these blogging people were saying vs. how my friends and husband viewed the minimalists posts. Once I discussed this with friends/Peter, I understood where they were coming from (minimalism turns into a semi-religion for some people), and then tried to explain what I got from these various blogs. What did I get? A reminder that just as one should not worship at the altar of minimialism, one should also not bow to the gods of STUFF.

It's so easy to walk through Target and pick up a shopping basket of things - a cute sweater, a pair of socks, a coffee mug, a basket in the dollar section, a pack of paper plates. I don't know about you, but more often than not, I come home from one of those shopping trips and put all the new stuff away with the pile of sweaters I already own, a drawer stuffed to the gills with socks, a cabinet full of mugs, a closet full of cute little baskets ("so perfect for giving a gift away in"), and a collection of papergoods in the pantry. Now I have not only wasted $50+ by buying frivilous things, but I have filled my house with more things that I didn't need.

Don't get me wrong, I love finding good deals and bringing home cute holiday decorations or homegoods. However, what I have been learning over the past year (and failing just as many times) is that I need to be careful of where I spend my money and really ask myself - and answer honestly - do. I. NEED. this? Otherwise, I'm in danger of falling prey to the StuffMart gods. Say what? Watch VeggieTales (from back in the day) and you'll understand. Stuff doesn't make you happy - one more good reason to link up to my Friday Thankfulness posts. {shamless plug}

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  1. What a great reminder! I'm constantly battling the need to buy something just because it's cute. I can also be the queen of justification. Looking at my shoe collection proves that.


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