Winning Streak...

What a delightful way to "celebrate" Columbus Day - I was just notified that I won another blog giveaway! {happy dance} Tiffany, over at No Ordinary Homestead, offered her readers a chance to win a $45 gift card to CSN (a store I'd never heard of until I started reading her blog). Well, I made my comment and figured that would be the end of it - but no! Today I checked back and squealed!

If you have a few minutes, I'd encourage you to go over and check out No Ordinary Homestead, where Tiffany chronicles life in Germany with a husband, an adorable little girl, and a huge Newfoundland. When I decide what I'm going to spend the $45 on, I'll write another post - so stay tuned! Thanks Tiffany! I hope to meet you someday in person - you've been delightful to get to know through your blog.


  1. oooh you lucky duck you! I'm forever entering and never winning too so very glad that someone I know IS winning for once! Thanks for all your comments on the blog! Love getting them and am reading all yours too, just don't always have time to comment... usually juggling a bubs and trying to get off the 'puter as quick as poss!

  2. Would you mind rubbing some of that luck off on me? There are a couple of giveaways going on that I desperately want!!

  3. I'm so thrilled you won! :) You've been a fabulous support to my blog and I just love getting your comments. I could use a bit of your luck, though, too. I've entered a bunch of contests lately (everyone seems to be having them, right) but haven't gotten any love back yet. Oh well...just keep swimming :)


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