I Lied...

I said I wouldn't be around, but then I remembered that I wanted to post this video, which meant that I needed to blog today. So here I am. Are you rushing around, getting everything ready for the big Thanksgiving stuff-yourself-a-thon? I guess if you're not an American, then you're just sitting there thinking, "um, no, we're just having a normal week." If that's the case - I'm sorry, because turkey leftovers are the best!

However, even if you're not an American you might think this video is funny. Our pastor showed it at church last year (he has a great sense of humor) and we couldn't stop laughing. Don't get me wrong, I have the utmost respect for the Pilgrims, for what they stood for, what they did, and what they went through for religious freedom. I honor them and I'm thankful for our country and for President Lincoln for setting aside a national day of giving thanks back in 1863. However, I also have a warped funny bone, and this video hits it - I hope it makes you laugh as well! Happy Thanksgiving week!

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  1. LOL!!!! I am sooo going to show this to my kids. I loved the greeting cards flying in the background from the pilgrims, hahaha.


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