Thankful For :: 121 - 130

Well, we didn't make it to eight people, but last week we actually had FOUR LINK-UPS! {happy dance} It's the little things in life, which is really what this project is all about. So thanks to the four of you who linked up, keep passing the word along and we'll see if we can get SIX or EIGHT link-ups this week! To those who don't have a blog - leave a comment telling me something(s) you're thankful for, or post a comment on Facebook about something you are thankful for this week. Count your blessings!

121. Our heated mattress pad - LOVE!

122. The first snow of the season

123. A plethora of ideas

124. Finding cheap/good deals on home improvement items

125. Family who encourages

126. A rainy-day fund

127. A warm home with gas heat

128. Finding eggs on sale for $0.91/dozen

129. Feeling your toes suddenly go from frozen to warm

130. My parents - Celebrating 50 years of Marriage!

Happy Anniversary Dad and Mom!



holy experience


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