Thankful For :: 131 - 140

Thanks to those who linked up last week - I'm thankful for all three of you who are taking time to count your blessings! If you don't have a blog you are always welcome to leave your list of things you are thankful for as a comment (even anonymously) or you can leave a comment on this post when I link to it on Facebook - just count your blessings!

131. God's provision and protection

132. Time spent with family

133. Finding amazing deals on hot sweetness cabinets

134. That I didn't break my pinky this week (don't ask)

135. Movie nights - complete with snacks

136. Warm socks

137. My red fleece robe

138. Large pots of chicken soup

139. Dinner parties with new(ish) friends

140. Cake - chocolate w/raspberry filling, vanilla w/strawberry

holy experience


  1. God's provision and protection SHOULD be on my list every week. Doh. Thanks for the sweet reminder.

    And that cake ~ definitely proof that God doesn't only provide the needs... sometimes He's gracious enough to give us "wants" too! Woo HOO

  2. I agree with Molly about what should be #1. I am very much looking forward to movie nights with popcorn in the near future. :)

  3. I like that your list is all wintery and about snuggling up, here we're getting ready for the heatwave that is going to be summer! Thankful for lovely warm weather and blue skies. Thankful for a facepainted dinner and laughter with the kids. Thankful for seeing houses that weren't grotty, it gives me hope that we may actually find one that will suit us!

  4. I'm thankful for German Christmas cake and central heating!


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