While I'm Dreaming...

Christmas is 38 days away, and like anyone, I have a list of things I would love to see under the tree. However, my "under the tree" is sitting on the other side of my driveway in the form of a future-rental house we just purchased two weeks ago! I'm excited about the opportunity to redo and rent this house and I'm thankful for all the financial things that fell into place for that to come about, but...it also means I must curb my spending yet again and lower my gift giving and receiving expectations. However, were money no object, here are ten things I would love to see under the tree:

Pottery Barn Porter Pendant - I have a "thing" for pulley lights!

L.L.Bean - It wouldn't let me save the big picture, but PLEASE go see it!

L.L.Bean Dress - A hint of Little House, go look at the bigger picture!


Williams-Sonoma Fall Icon Cakelet Pan - Because I'm a sucker for fall!

The Company Store Winter Snow Quilt (in blue) - look at it BIG!

Amazon.com - The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency TV show (season one)

So these are some of the things on my Ultimate Christmas Wish List - some are do-able, and some are big-time dreaming! What about YOU? What's on YOUR Christmas wish list this year? Big or small?


  1. I just don't know what she wants... It's so hard to buy for her! Any ideas?

  2. She just listed 8 different things that she wanted. Can't that be a starting point?

  3. Ummm, Carrie? Do you spend as much time as I do looking at catalogs/websites? Because about half of what you just listed is either in my house (Ektorp, leather version) or on MY wishlist!

    Poor Peter...how will he ever know what to get you?!? My husband just laughs at me and doesn't get any of it (because he knows I'd have a cow if he ever actually PAID that much for anything)...but, on the other hand, he lets me keep my catalogs and dream away! :)

  4. I followed your lead and blogged about it. My number one item is my husband coming home!

  5. LOL, Peter, you're too funny, hahaha..

    Carrie, I am totally digging the icon fall cakelets, and the egg cooker! The pulley lamps are cool too but with 4 kids in my house I see finger prints smudged all over that shiny steel! They'd go great with you very cool kitchen drawers though!

  6. The pulley lamps are awesome. And that tiny cakes tray - SO CUTE!

  7. I'm not in the mood to make my list YET. But it will happen. Thanks for giving me some ideas to add :)


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