Do you make New Years Resolutions? I usually don't, but last year I decided it was time to look to the future and resolve to follow our dreams - once we figured out what those were! Guess it paid off, because if you read my Friday Thankfulness post, you saw what all we accomplished with God's help, hard work, and a little perseverance. Bloggers keep writing about what their "life words" are for the coming year - I have some of those as well. However, mine come more as whole thoughts rather than single words. And as I write this, I'm staring 2011 in the face, wondering what the future holds, and thinking about...

Renewed Optimism: On Friday I applied for a job and we bought a cheap (as in $300) second car so that Peter can drive it to work and I now have a set of wheels (our other, nicer car because he's sweet like that).

Financial Freedom: We want to pay our house off this year. {gulp} Yeah, that's a pretty big dream, but with some extra work and choosing being debt-free over more stuff we don't need, I think we can do it. At least, I'm hoping, dreaming, and trying to resolve that we can! 

Big Dreams: I want to start writing a book. There...I said it. The plot line is fuzzy at best, but I have vague ideas. If nothing less, I want to finish writing a second book in the Little Brother series.

Home Improvement: The house next door needs work - a lot of work. We've torn into it and made big plans and now it's time to do the hard, back breaking, dirty jobs. It's time to roll up our sleeves and get busy flipping the house.

I think that's enough to keep us busy for a while, don't you? I didn't add anything about the blog because I've realized that I'll never be one of "those" bloggers who triple their following in 6 months and have 350 people linking up each week. And you know what? I'm quite happy with the way the blog is heading and the comfortable place it has become for me to share my thoughts and pictures and meet all you lovely people. You've been simply grand and I hope you'll hang out with me for another year!

Toasting to a sparkling grape juice kind of year!

And now it's your turn - what are your goals, dreams, and plans for 2011? I'm sharing this post up @Life as MOM's Frugal Friday link-up. Make sure you head over there for more great ideas on how you can save money and work towards your goals for 2011.


  1. Great goals for the new year! It sounds like you are going to stay very busy this year with lots of exciting things. It seems like 2011 is going to be a fantastic year.

    And by the way: even if you aren't one of "those" bloggers, I really enjoy your blog. I find it so interesting and entertaining to read,

  2. These are lovely goals... real, achievable things to work towards. Good luck on the novel... maybe you should participate in NaNoWriMo? ; )

  3. FIRST! WOW that picture is so beautiful. Your photography is just getting better and better.

    What kind of a job did you apply for last week??

    And I can't wait to see what 2011 brings.


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