Thankful For :: 201 - 210

I was talking to my oldest sister over the holidays and the subject of counting your blessings came up. As we shared our various ways of doing so, the overwhelming point that we had both reached was that no matter how bad the day, week, month or year, there is always something to be thankful for or some positive aspect - you just have to pay attention. I'm looking forward to 52 weeks of counting my blessings in 2011 and I hope you will join me by counting along in a journal, on your blog, in your head or as a comment right here at Busy Nothings. Take time every day to recognize the bounty and blessings all around you. This week I'm thankful for:

201. Fresh starts

202. Warm days (so I can take down Christmas decor without freezing!)

203. Good after-Christmas deals

204. Our first Amazon review of Mashed Potatoes

205. Enjoying an honest-to-goodness white Christmas

206. A full tank of propane

207. Focus and goals for the future

208. Medicine to take when my nose won't stop running 

209. Faith that God will lead us

210. My L.L.Bean "Wicked Good Moccasins" from Peter

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1 comment:

  1. Those slippers look soooooooooo amazing.
    I'm looking forward to gratitude in 2011 too! Thanks for continuing to lead the charge.

    Leaving the House in THIS?!?!


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