Wish List: UPDATE

In November, 38 days prior to Christmas, I created an over-the-top wish list. You may remember seeing it. Well, Santa Peter apparently saw the list and I'm here to give you a quick update and let you know that he rocked out on the gift giving this year. You might recall that I was drooling over this lamp...

I didn't get that particular lamp, but he came through with another lamp I've been drooling over at Target - and "saved" $319 by chosing to stick it under the tree instead. I can totally live with that! The legs extend to make it taller and I love that it looks like an old tri-pod that a surveyor would have used. I already had the shade, but I'm not sure I like it and may keep looking.

I also fell head over heals for these shoes from L.L.Bean...

Although he didn't splurge on those shoes from Bean's, he made a wiser - not to mention warmer - choice from the store of Leon Leonwood Bean. I've worn my Wicked Good Moccasins daily since I got them (for my birthday on the 10th) and think he knows what I want better than I know myself!

As an added bonus, my wonderful Seestor-Santa was browsing at a second-hand store and found these beauties who are just begging for some shoe polish and a new life. She was sweet enough to send them to me and I was thrilled to receive them - no, they aren't the Bean shoes, but they're Nine West and in the same style family which garners a {happy dance} from yours-truly!  

Back in November, I requested the full series of Frasier...

And although I'm still holding out hope for the price to drop (a lot!) and to one day find them under the tree, "Santa" came through with the first two seasons of Matlock - one of my favorite shows from childhood. In fact, we spent much of the snowy Christmas week-end watching show after show and we both enjoyed it!

Matlock - The First Season     Matlock - The Second Season

But the biggest hit (other than the lamp) was something that was on my original wish list...in fact, the very last item on the list. You might remember I wanted to find the DVD set of The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency under the tree - Thanks "Santa Peter"! {happy dance}

I hope you got some of the items from your wish list. And since I'm a rather nosy person, I would love to hear what you got - whether you asked for it/wanted it or not!


  1. Those are great gifts! I am wondering - did the shoes come from the used shoe store in Johnson City? Is that place still open? We used to get ALL our shoes from there!

    I got some great gifts... a sock knitting book, a book on making toys from stuff laying around the house, and some jewelry!

  2. I'm honored that I finally made it on your blog! I knew you would like the shoes and I thought they were a good find. You never know what little gems pop up at your local Goodwill store! Santa bought me some new slippers too and they are comfy and warm! Mine are gray slides.

    Santa also bought me a Keurig coffee maker and we love making single cups of lots of different things----even iced tea! As my hubby would say, it's a "Cum laude" present because it's so nice!! I also got a new bird feeder, My Utmost for His Highest hardbound, and lots of other great things (cozy socks, jewelry, purse) and I bought myself the first season of The Cosby Show (40%off at Cracker Barrel thanks to a friend of a friend). If you find the Muppets Christmas Carol on DVD, let me know. I've been looking for that and The Preacher's Wife.

  3. My in-laws bought as pasta attachments for our KitchenAid. SO awesome. Of course you read that already and I shouldn't even be talking about them near you with your no carb diet! I also got this year's Southern Living Christmas cookbook.
    Too many good things in there to cook!! Definitely not going to be able to wait until next Christmas for all of them :)
    Love those furry Bean moccasins too. I have been eying them a bit and I think they would hold up better than my poor wool socks!

  4. I L.O.V.E. the shoes your sister sent you! Would you please ask her to keep her eyes open for another pair for me? Those are PERFECTION.

    I got some Chuck Taylors which I am so excited to feature on the blog. {know they have been worn in my non-blog life}

    Leaving the House in THIS?!?!


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