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Last month I did a little post which some random facts about me and my life. It was fun and light, so consider this Round 2: What I (Probably Should Not) Wear.

I still own - and wear- pleated pants. Some of them are even tapered leg. All you fashion bloggers can now gasp in horror. 

I wear holiday socks - Snowmen, Hearts, Shamrocks, Easter eggs, American flags, Pumpkins, Ghosts, Turkeys, and the quintessential plethora of Christmas socks.

The oldest sweaters in my closet are 17 years old. They're Christmas sweaters I got for my 12th birthday and I wore one this past Christmas and was complimented. So there.

I admit that there are currently 9 pairs of Crocs in our closet (6 - me, 3 - Peter). All of them are perfect overseas, in the garden, or at the beach, so I'm not tossing them anytime soon.
I'm slightly OCD, so I keep all my shoes in clear shoeboxes from the Container Store. It also helps me keep my shoe fetish in check because Peter says I can't have more shoes than I have boxes - it's amazing how many pairs of shoes you can fit in a box.

My favorite summer skirt was made by a Mosotho friend when we lived in Lesotho and is a delightful reminder of her. I'm even wearing it with Crocs in the picture below!

My worst confession: I own a pair of Mom Jeans...with no kids in sight. In my defence, I only wear them when I'm planning on getting really dirty working in the yard or on the rental house.

I think that's enough clothing blunder confessions from me for today. If I can say one thing for myself, it's that I have always had my own taste in clothes. I'm not trendy, I'm not chic, I'm not vintage - I'm just me. In comfortable clothes and shoes. So how about you? Any questions for me? Something you're dying to know? Ask away!


  1. I think holiday socks are so much fun!! I consider myself to be fashionably challenged. I don't have a clue how to piece an outfit together unless it is on a mannequin right there in the store, and those outfits on the mannequins are usually too expensive. I do have to say, though - I swore I would NEVER wear the low cut jeans (I think they have an official name, but I can't think of it now.), but then I decided to try them, and now I would never go back! They are so much more comfy than mom jeans! I do not like shoes. I own very few pair, and I wear them just because, well, my feet are cold!

  2. You crack me up!
    I'm also not trendy and most of my sweaters are ancient...I mean at least 15 years old or more. Some are huge on me, back in my bagging clothing phase of middle school. Others Stefan detested so I parted with them. I have a tendency to not buy clothes for myself at all...more because I don't find things I actually like.

    I'm definitely not trendy and usually spend the day in pants that have paint splotches on them since I'm out with the dog or playing on the ground with the kiddo. Low rise pants might give you a new perspective on life, though. Even LL Bean is getting into them...finally :)


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