You Capture...Things that Start with "L"

PhotobucketYou Capture...I've got nothing for you. What you see below are my sad attempts to capture "L" words after a crazy week at work and an extremely busy week-end. I thought the theory behind the theme was great and I was all geared up for an exploration of things that started with the letter "L", but I was so pooped, this is all I could come up with. I'm employed in the medical field - and everyone seems to be sick. With two doctors in my immediate family, I'm full of opinions about...well, let's just say I'm full of opinions. The flu is going around right now - I had it last month - and I'm all for telling people to go home, take two Tylenol, drink some orange juice, and go to bed with a box of Kleenex and some cough drops, but...that wouldn't give me job security. Not to mention making my employers unhappy. So instead, I'm trying to keep my mouth shut (and my opinions from showing on my face)...AND count having a job among my blessings each week because I really am thankful. For better or for worse, here are my You Capture contributions. I'm looking forward to seeing what others have linked up over @I Should Be Folding Laundry this week!

Love Lights

Lath: a thin narrow strip of wood nailed to rafters, joists, or studding as a groundwork for slates, tiles, or plaster - torn out from our Project House

And this one isn't done for any artistic reason, I just thought you might like to see what lath looks like when it's still on the walls. All the plaster has been removed from the lath and now dear hubby is in the process of removing the lath walls. I actually like this look in some ways and he asked if I wanted him to put Plexiglas on top and we'll just go with it. Um, no...I don't like it quite that much!


  1. One wall of plexi over lath could be pretty cool though! Some people do that over here with the old Fachwerk (timber framing). We've yet to tear anything down to the bare bones in most parts of the house so no dice for us. But we'd definitely do it in the barn if we ever built it out.

    Cute little love lamp. And wow have you guys gotten a good start! I must stalk your blog more often :) Silly work getting in the way of my fun!

    BTW, glad work is going so well. And I will make no comments for the time being about people that (a) insist on sending their kids to school sick or (b) go to the doctor EVERY TIME someone in the family sneezes. That is all. ;)

  2. oh my goodness what a project, i totally cant even imagine but I love to watch along!

    i love your lamp its pretty neat!

  3. wow!!! hope you will be posting more from your project!!
    it looks like it will be awesome when it's done

  4. Wow, what a big project. I like that I learned something by visiting your site! Best wishes on your remodel.

  5. Oh my goodness, what a huge project! Amazing to be able to photograph the process, when you are done and can look back at these photos with relief :-)

  6. You and your opinions crack me up. Because you sound just like me. When I caught the plague last week the handsome hubby kept trying to force meds down me and I kept saying, "Rest is all I need. My immune system is working... give it time." I survived and wasn't sick any longer than friends of mine who pumped themselves full of pills. I know meds are totally necessary sometimes... and I have no medical degree. I just have lots of opinions. ;)


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