Thankful For :: 291 - 300

Wow! I can't believe I'm at 300 thankfulness items already! I think that just goes to show you how much we have to be thankful for if we only stop and look around us.
291. CPA's - people who actually want to deal with taxes for a living

292. Low-carb noodles = welcome back lasagna

293. Grace and forgiveness - from the Lord, from others, and even from myself for my own mistakes

294. A short commute (saves on gas)

295. Homemade chocolate truffles

296. The ability to breathe through my nose (I'm not there yet, but I won't take it for granted!)

297. Parents who pray for their kids

298. Music - it never fails to help me relax

299. St. Patrick's Day decorations

300. A great big God who created the universe, and yet knows and loves me


  1. Amen on #291... I can relate to that today! (Just finished doing my taxes with my accountant friend - thank goodness for her!) She swears she enjoys it, but I'd rather take a beating, I think. :o)


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