You Capture :: Emotion. In Black and White.

PhotobucketYou Capture's theme this week is "Emotion. In Black and White." Well now, there's a challenge for you! At least it was for me. I know I've certainly felt plenty of emotion in the last seven days, but the question was, how do I capture it? Easier said than done. I decided to focus on the emotion of hope for spring, despite the constant reminders that it's still winter. Signs of spring are doing their best to pop through, but on Friday we were reminded that it wasn't time to pack away the sweaters just yet. In some ways I wish we could have used color this week - and I did leave a hint of green in the first photo - but at the same time, it helps express the cold that we experienced when we got our little dusting of snow and the reminder that it's only March (even if they are calling for 70-degree temps by the end of this week!). Make sure you visit Beth @I Should Be Folding Laundry to see more Emotion.

My lilies were just starting to pop out of the ground - a hint of green and spring - when the snow started falling last Friday. I love the ice crystals on the new growth.

This little birds nest gets used every year once the leaves start popping out on the tree, but on this particular day, the only thing it was being used for was a sticking place for snow. Brrr!


  1. Love it! I am going to do it this week too. I'll check it out tomorrow, see what I can come up with :)

  2. Great photos this week, Carrie! Love the ice on the leaves. Going black and white, I think, really made the details pop!

  3. It is coming, finally! I hope you are getting some sun and warmth soon. It is actually kinda nice here today ;D yeeeeee.

  4. love your take on this challenge - great job
    Hope spring finds it's way to you!!

  5. I like the way you left that tinge of green in the first photo, it works very well and I really like the second shot too. A great take on the theme this week.

  6. Oh, my! My heart started to ache seeing the ice crystals on the lilies. I need Spring to be here. Desperately.

    Lovely job!

  7. These turned out great, wonderful nature shots!


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