Things I Love

Just a list of a few things that I'm loving this week...for no reason whatsoever, other than fun

Harry Connick, Jr. singing, "We go together, like A Wink and a Smile"...I'm married to someone who fits me like that, and that's also something that I love.

Pinterest - Molly got me hooked on it after she wrote about it on her blog, and now I can't stop finding cute things and ideas. If you're on there, let me know your name and I'll add you as a friend. Yes, it's yet one more way to waste precious time...but on the other hand...lots of good ideas! And seriously, where else would I ever have found this: my new blogging motto...

Source: tumblr.com via Carrie on Pinterest

Another website I got hooked on over the week-end is goodreads. Yes, it could be a time waster, but I've already found a new book to add to my ever growing stack of books - and that makes me do the {happy dance}. Message me if you're on there and want to be friends. Just in case you're wondering, the book I found thanks to my friend Joy (who is responsible for hooking me on goodreads) is, Major Pettigrew's Last Stand by Helen Simonson.

Major Pettigrew's Last Stand: A Novel (Random House Reader's Circle)

Next on the list this week is Red Letter Words - I simply love her work! Best of all, she's selling some of it through Hallmark and for around $15-19 you can pick up some of her art which has been printed on metal. I gave two of them to my mom for her 70th birthday earlier this year and I've got a couple of the magnets ($1.95/each) on our fridge.

And finally, I am finding myself hooked by freezer meals. I'm not freezer cooking as much as I'm taking the time to chop, slice, dice and individually bag everything when I have free time (as I did earlier this evening) instead of coming home from a long day and feeling overwhelmed at the thought of fixing dinner. So now, on days when I am at work, all I have to do is dump something in the Crockpot before I leave or pull out a pre-assembled meal from the freezer and set the oven temp. I'm hoping this will cut down on our eating out as it's been getting a little bit out of hand the last month or so. 

That does it for me. I hope you had fun and possibly found a new favorite thing or two. Have a delightful week and I'll see you on Friday with my Thankfulness List!


  1. Fun post - thanks for sharing your current likes :-)

    About the meals - one thing that really helped me when I was working and Dan was at Moody was the magazine "Quick cooking". They are fast meals to cook, so I used a lot of recipes from that magazine! The crock pot is great, too - just a little prep ahead of time and dinner is DONE when you get home! So nice!

  2. I'm curious about this whole "freezer meals" concept. Is this a trendy thing that I've completely missed??

    I'm looking forward to goodreads!!!

    {and thanks for the linky love}


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