PH Update: Room For Two

Although the house has been at a virtual standstill (not counting the days spent burning pile after pile of lath and lumber from the house), shopping for the future finished product has not. In the last week I have finally started to get a vision (for lack of a better term) of how I want the second guest room to look, and it has been fun shopping outside my normal decorating zone (i.e. what I would do in my own house).

I already knew that both bedrooms would have a gray/black base for bedding and some accessories, but I wanted them to be different enough that you didn't walk in and say, "oh, she used the same colors for both rooms". I have to give a shout out to Molly (yet again!) for hooking me up with Pinterest - there are so many great ideas on there! It's easy to spend hours looking through picture after picture, and I'm sure the four people who are connected with me on Pinterest are sick of my pinnings by now.

Anyway, after doing quite a bit of searching, I finally decided to go with a fairly basic base (black bed, gray sheets/blanket, and a white down blanket-turned-comforter) and build up with a brighter color. It was a three-way-tie between orange, yellow, and red, but in the end, orange - my beloved pumpkin orange - won out. I loved what I was able to find on the Ikea website, and I have high hopes of making a stop at their Atlanta store later on to pick up some of these items (I'll keep you posted).


I love the fabric (bottom right corner) as a possibility for window treatments, but as of the writing of this post, it is unavailable at the Atlanta Ikea store. However, it's currently in stock at the store in Charlotte, so it looks like that could be a future week-end trip as well (unless some kind blog-reading soul lives close to Charlotte and wants to help a girl out).

As for the headboard - it's available at Target and I love the look, but the price tag about caused me to have a heart attack. So for now, I'm planning on using two twin bed frames that I had in my room growing up (and before me, they belonged to my brothers) and painting them black. It's a much cheaper option and I'd rather splurge on some $3.99 accent pillowcases.

Final Thought: Don't you just love that cityscape pillow (bottom left corner)?! It had me at hello. I could totally envision what they would look like propped up on each bed (especially with an orange backdrop of a pillowcase - see Mr. Ikea $3.99). Yes, it's true, this pillow made me do the {happy dance}.

I can't wait to actually see the whole project come together - I think it's going to look great. Of course I'll also be happy because that means the PH is done - cause for the world's longest {happy dance}.

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  1. I am loving the orange lamp from target. I may have to snag that for myself. :) I look forward to more house updates!


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