Pinterest Project #2

Are you sick of me talking about Pinterest yet? And you know the real clincher - it's totally 100% FREE! I'm not even an "associate" of any kind because I don't think there is such a thing. So that should tell you how addicted I am to this site - loads of decorating and food ideas, travel photos and quotes, outfit options and DIY projects.

On the DIY front, last week I shared about how I made the apple bread that I had seen on Pinterest. This week I'd like to share a fun balloon wreath project that I actually took the time to make - and I'm quite pleased with the results. Below is the picture that first captured my attention (thanks Molly!)...

I thought it was such a cute idea for a birthday wreath, and once you made it, you could use it over and over again for birthday parties. I'm a sucker for those kinds of things. The number in the middle was slightly over-the-top for me, but otherwise, I was hooked. I clicked on the original link which took me to a blog that contained all the directions for this project. That's when I added this picture from the blog How Does She over on Pinterest...

Once I was armed with directions and how-to photos (I like photos), I went out in search of the needed items. I hit up DollarTree first, but they didn't have anything I needed, and their pack of balloons was assorted, so I really couldn't use all of them. I ended up going to Michaels and using a 40% off coupon to purchase an 8" (instead of 12" or 18") straw wreath and a pack of greening pins - my total cost was $3 and some change.

I then headed to my favorite store, Target, and got a package of balloons (I believe there were 75 in the bag) for $4.99. The total cost for the wreath was under $10 and I really love the way it turned out. It's almost too small to hang on the door (though it still looks cute there), but it's perfect as a table centerpiece with (or without) a candle in the center...


So what do you think? Are you ready to join the Pinterest party yet? Look me up if you do!


  1. Your wreathe came out well! It is a cute idea for a birthday party! Make a black one for people "over the hill" (like your sister).

    Love the Princess Kate dress on your Pinterest site. Did you see the picture of she and William at a horse race this past weekend? He was in tails and a top hat and she looked great in an ivory suit with her hair up and a cool hat. They looked smashing! Or as my British friends say, "Brilliant!"

  2. What a completely adorable wreath ~ I love it!

    Have a Happy Labor Day.


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