Thankful For :: 441 - 450

Miss me? We were out of town for the last 6 days and we had a delightful time! Better still? We were too busy relaxing to worry about pulling out the computer and messing around on Facebook or blogs or Pinterest and I loved every single unplugged minute of it! Oh how I needed that.


Honestly, I felt like crying when we were driving in familiar territory again because as much as I love the area where we live, I love traveling and new places and a variety of cultural foods and people even more. I didn't realize how much I missed it.


But I'm trying not to be crabby {groan} - we are back now and God has placed us in a beautiful area of the country and has blessed us with so much. I have nothing to complain about. And as a reminder, this week I am giving thanks for...

441. Safe travels and not getting stuck in any traffic jams

442. Extended family who are generous with their condo in southern Florida

443. Getting to catch up with Peter's family

444. Sun, sand, surf, and a good book...need I say more?

445. Not seeing the snake that Peter saw first while walking to the beach

446. Being married to a patient shopping companion

447. Peter ranks twice on the list because he went out of his way to book hotel rooms near the two shopping spots that I wanted to visit in Atlanta on the way to Florida and back again. Major brownie points.

448. Time off from work (I have to go back today and am not looking forward to it)

449. A comfortable car to travel in for hours at a time

450. Relaxing at the beach



  1. Glad that you had a fantastic trip! It is always so nice to see family... especially on a beach! Happy you are back!

  2. Yay! Yes I did notice you were missing.
    Even though I've been horrible about checking my blog dashboard recently!! Glad you had a great time away. Florida sounds fab!

  3. Yay for vacations! Sounds like you had a delightful (don't you love that word?) time.
    I did miss you, but am glad that you're back and rested and well.

    A Foreign Land


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