If You Give A Girl A Bowl Of Soup...

So last night I made this amazingly yummy soup {see recipe here}:

But then we returned the phone call of a friend and I decided it would be more fun to Skype with them so we could see each other. Brilliant, right? Except when I tried to show the friend what we were eating, my brain temporarily turned off and I poured the soup right on my laptop keyboard. {Insert horrified gasp here}

My husband never ceases to amaze me. No anger, no chiding about how brainless that was, no mocking - he just took care of things. In fact, he spent the next 2+ hours taking the whole computer apart until he was cleaning soup off of the mother board. If you think I felt horrible, you would be right. But Mr. Kindness said, "These things happen. I've done dumb stuff, but then you have to get over it. There's nothing to forgive, it was just an accident."

So what did I learn last night? Well, other than, it's never a good idea to tilt your soup bowl over the computer, it was also a good reminder to me that mistakes happen - there's no reason to beat yourself (or other people) up over them. Today I'm using our old laptop because the wireless connection isn't working on the soupy one (he ran out of time to fix it all last night). It's another reminder to be careful, to think before you take action or say something, and to be thankful that we still have another laptop to use. It's a fresh new day with no mistakes in it...yet.

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  1. Eeeek! This definitely sounds like something I would do. What a blessing to have a patient and gifted husband.


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