Thankful For :: 471 - 480

There are some weeks when I sit in front of the computer and I stare at the screen on Thursday night and wonder what in the world I'm going to put on the Thankfulness List, let alone how I'm going to come up with ten things. Those are the weeks when I really need to make that list so I remember that there is always something to be thankful for - even when I can't think of it right away.

Then there are other weeks when my list is finished by Monday morning and I could probably come up with fifteen or twenty things to give thanks for and not bat an eye. Those are good weeks, and yet sometimes I'm not as appreciative at the end of those as I am when I have to actually spend time remembering what God has taught me over the past seven days and how He has blessed me. I start to take it for granted.

This week is a bit of a mix between the two. Peter is dealing with a bunch of not-so-fun issues at work and he's getting a lot of overtime (bad/good), while over at my job, I haven't dealt with anything really bad or out of the ordinary. Just a regular week. And that's why #1 and #2 are on my list this week:

471. Regular, uneventful weeks

472. Patience and perseverance that can only come from God

473. Hearing little voices say, "Aunt Carrie..."

474. Finishing a good book

475. Homemade cinnamon rolls - my mom makes the best I've ever had

476. Finding a solution to the skunk buffet problem

477. Getting four pillows on clearance for the cost of one at regular price

478. Chocolate cupcakes

479. Three words: Four.day.weekend {happy dance

480. Spending time with my sisters - we took a photo of the three of us, but I'm not allowed to post it on the blog. And since I'm not very good with the Microsoft Paint program, you can totally blame them for the picture below...



  1. I, too, love the sisters drawing. :)

  2. Your drawing rocks!! :) It is an exact likeness of the three of you hee hee!


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