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Another week has gone by - whew! Is it just me, or is the year flying past us? Along those same lines, today is my dad's 70th birthday, so he would probably agree that the years go by quickly. You might recall that my mom hit the big 7-0 back in February and I did a whole Thankfulness post just about her, which means that today I get to use my blog to list just some of the things that I appreciate about my dad. Like my mom, Dad has retained his youthful looks and no one believes that he is entering his 8th decade of life. Young genes run strong in my family (I know I'll appreciate that...someday). In the meantime, here are just a few things that make me thankful this week for my dad...

481. This is probably the biggest thing that I am thankful for about my dad, so if you're a father and a Believer, please take note! Because of the love that I received from my earthly father, as well as the spiritual guidance and physical discipline, I have had no problem grasping the concept of a loving Heavenly Father who also disciplines us when we need it. God placed my father in my life to be an earthly example and Dad has done a great job during the almost-30 years that I've had the privilege to call him my Dad. If you are a father, you have a great responsibility to your kids and you won't always get it right, but please try. I'm so glad my dad never gave up!

482. The hours that I spent in Dad's lap as a kid - I always felt safe and loved


483. His faithfulness as a husband for the last (almost) 51 years

484. His genuine love for all five of his kids - no favorites

485. The way he worked so hard for years to provide for our family and his amazing model of generosity with the resources that God gave him. He was always a "pipe" for God to use and he gives cheerfully.

486. His protective side: When Peter first shared his interest in moving towards marriage with me, Dad didn't handle that very well. In fact, Dad and I had a couple of rather animated "discussions" about this subject as a hotheaded 16-year-old and a slightly less-hotheaded 56-year-old. He and Peter have a great relationship now, and looking back on it (14 years later), I finally realize and appreciate the fact that Dad was trying to protect me, to keep me safe and make sure that I wasn't in over my head. We didn't handle everything in the best way, but I never questioned his love for me and I know that there are a lot girls who don't have the blessing of a father who cares who they are with or whether they are hurt. My dad cared - yet another way he was an earthly example of my Heavenly Father.


487. His faithful and fervent prayers for his kids on a daily basis

488. All the free medical advice and help that he gives to his family - it has saved us $$$ on doctor visits

489. His faithfulness in his walk with the Lord and his growth as a Believer - visible to his family and proof that you never reach a point where you have it all figured out (something I struggle to remember)

490. That for 29 years and 8.5 months, he has been My Daddy. When I was about 9 or 10, Dad came home from the hospital one evening and told me he'd brought me something. It was a poem called, "M.D. means My Daddy" and he said he thought of me. Dad has always been proud to be my dad and the dad of my four siblings. He has often said that becoming a father was one of the best things that ever happened to him. Although he stepped into fatherhood very young (a month shy of his 20th birthday), he took right to it and he never made us feel like he wanted to be anything but our dad. That means a lot to a kid - and still does as an adult.


M.D. means My Daddy
author unknown

Whenever Daddy signs his name he always writes M.D. so people all will know that he belongs to me.

For M.D. means "My Daddy" or something just the same. And that is why he always puts these letters in his name.

Some letters in his name are small but these are not, you see, He always makes them big like that ‘cause he's so proud of me.

Thanks Dad, for everything. 
Happy Birthday!


  1. Great Dads are definitely something to be thankful for... My Dad had that M.D. poem hanging up in his office when I was little - good memories. :o)

    Happy Birthday, Dr. Graham!

  2. Dads are definitely something to be thankful for! Glad you were blessed with a great one. I think you are absolutely right about #481. As I get older, I realize that there are a lot of bad example dads in the world and what a blessing a good one is (and how rare it is!).

  3. Sounds like you are incredibly fortunate to call a wonderful man Daddy!!! Yay!!!


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