{Craft Time}

You can create this project without spending any money at all if you have the right things laying around your house. Here's what you'll need:

*  An empty picture frame (having a mat is nice, but not necessary) - either tabletop or hanging
*  Access to a computer and printer (or you can hand-write it on paper of your choice!)
*  A dry erase marker (I didn't have one of those lying around)
*  About 15 minutes of free time

Now, here's what you're making...


While I could have used a frame I already had, I found this one at Michael's for $4.99 AND I had a coupon. Since I had a general idea of where I was going to hang it, and I had a specific look in mind, I was doing the {happy dance} when I came home with this beauty.

After removing an extra frame on the mat that I didn't want, I created a 6" x 6" square image on Publisher that says "I {heart} You  Because..." and a line where you can add why you love the person. It took me all of 15 minutes to create this fun little number and hubby and I have used it daily. It's like an updated (easier) version of slipping love notes in a lunch box or pocket.

Our note frame hangs on our bathroom wall, and it's already been put to good use. I highly recommend it. When I pop home for lunch and see the note he left that morning before work, it never fails to make me slightly melty inside. Yes, eleven years of marriage and he can still melt me.

As a variation on this idea, you could use a tabletop frame to make one for each of your kids. If you left it on a table by the bed, they would see something that you love about them first thing when they wake up. How special would that make them feel?

Come on and get crafty!


  1. Great idea! I think I might have to try this, especially since I actually have a couple of frames I could use! Unfortunately my kids don't read yet... but this is really a very cute, great project!

  2. Very cute! A person can also attach magnets to the back and put on the fridge. Or leave it freestanding on a nightstand.

  3. I just made one of these last week too! And (just to prove that I think we might have been separated at birth) I hung it in our bathroom also.

    So. Much. Fun.
    {Thank you Pinterest}

  4. Cute... :o) Josh and I do something similar, but we just use the "glass crayons" that Crayola makes directly on a little stand mirror we keep in the bathroom. It's always fun to find a little note or picture there.... and yay for Michael's coupons! :O)


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