Guest Post Special!

The delightful Karen (my goal is simple) asked if I would mind sharing my Countdown post on her blog while she's enjoying a trek around Alaska. I was, of course, honored and did the {happy dance} before I quickly gave my permission. If you missed the Countdown post here, then make sure you head on over and check it out today on Karen's blog.

Karen is a military wife and mother of one active little boy. We've never met in real life, but it has been fun following her journey from North Carolina (while her husband was deployed) to Oklahoma (homeland of my family). Make sure you take some time to check out more of Karen's personal blog, as well as her latest endeavour, "A Lease to Decorate" - a blog all about turning a rental house into a home, where she shares lots of great ideas, pictures, and DIY projects.

Thanks so much for choosing my post, Karen! I hope you have a delightful vacation in the frozen north!

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