Thankful For :: 521 - 530

First off, thanks for the comments and concern expressed after last Friday's post. I want to assure everyone that my dad is fine - there was a slight scare for a few hours, but everything turned out well and he's back to swinging a golf club with the best of them.

This week, Peter's dad was the one needing medical care as he received a hip replacement on Monday morning. He's up and walking around (so we've been told) and it appears that everything has gone smoothly - another praise for sure!

This week I'm thankful for...

521. My father-in-law and his successful hip replacement (hopefully this will relieve the pain he has been experiencing!)

522. Doctors, nurses, and the friends and church family who have been helping my in-laws since we're far away

523. Skype, cell phones, and email that allow us to check in with Peter's dad and mom throughout this process and pass the news to other family in the U.K.

524. Time at home - I have so missed it!

525. Evenings spent with lifelong friends

526. Hearing Peter and a childhood friend speak Spanglish/butchered Spanish for hours

527. Papa Murphy's Stuffed Pizza - South Beach Stage 1 starts...tomorrow.

528. Finally making a decision about the PH

529. Gaining the self-control to drive directly in front of the doors to Target and not stopping

530. Handfuls of raspberries - picked from bushes in our very own backyard!



  1. I'm so behind on blog reading (and writing, come to think of it). FINALLY have a quiet day at the office. It's been nuts here this week! Anyway, I'm feeling super down in the dumps today and was so glad to see your thankful list for the week... It reminded me I wanted to join this ongoing venture in thankfulness and I know it will be a good exercise for me on this blah morning! Couldn't have come at a better time.

  2. WOW! Those raspberries look incredible. Yummm.

    Yay for healthy Dads. I'm glad to read all is well.

  3. You're killing me with those berries. They look yummy and definitely something to be thankful for. My canes just aren't producing.

  4. @Kaysi - So glad you're joining the list making! In addition to what I share on the blog, I've also started journaling one thing a day that caused me to give thanks that day. I write it down in a fun notebook at the end of the day and a lot of it is probably stuff I'll never share on the blog, but stuff that I'm exceedingly thankful for! :-)

    @Molly - I'm glad to say all is well. :-)

    @FBS - I can't take any credit for those berries - they are growing without any help from me!


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