My {5} Goals

Last week I shared a list of things I wanted to work on. By taking smaller bites out of larger projects, I was hoping that I would see some progress. Well, after one week, there's good news and there's bad news. If you need a reminder, the list from August 28 - September 3 is below and the results are italicized:


1. Monday - Friday, spend 20 minutes a day working on "the book"
Although I didn't spend 20 minutes a day working on "the book", I actually did spend time brain storming and writing out ideas, so I still consider that progress

2. Try one new soup recipe from 300 Sensational Soups
I purchased stuff to make one of the soups, so again, not total success, but still steps in the right direction. And since I've already tried several recipes from this cookbook, I wasn't too concerned when the schedule for the week flipped out and goal #2 didn't happen.

3. Walk on the treadmill at least one day this week
This didn't happen, but I've been making an effort to park farther away from stores (even leaving multiple open parking spaces between my car and the next car) so that I get some additional walking in during the week. Pathetic, I know, but every little bit helps, right?

4. Take junk priceless treasures to donation center and clean up back entryway
I'll be honest, I'm writing this before the end of the week, so while it hasn't happened yet, I'm hoping to get Peter to help me take a load to the donation center over the week-end.

5. Spend 20 minutes a day filing and cleaning out in the office
Total fail.

* * * * *

So that leaves with with the choice of sharing my goals this week. Well, when did I ever shy away from failure and public humiliation? HA!

My {5} Goals
September 4 - 10

1. Spend 5 minutes a day (M-F) picking up piles around the house and actually doing something with the stuff besides simply relocating it to a new pile

2. Spend 1 hour this week working on story ideas for "the book"

3. Get completely through the ironing pile

4. Clean out basement movie room so it's easier to use the treadmill

5. Cook turkey and make a grocery list of ingredients needed for making freezer meals

So, for those of you who shared your goals last week (or even if you didn't share them), how did this week go for you? Were you able to mark off some of the items on your To Do list? Did you make progress or did you feel like you were spinning your wheels when the week didn't turn out the way you planned? I'd love to hear about your successes, failures, and goals for the coming week in the blog comments. If you write a blog post, feel free to share the link!


  1. I'm in love with your honesty!
    Hope you guys are having a fantabulous holiday weekend.

  2. Haha, I completely love that first goal. Relocating things to another pile (or somebody else's bedroom) is a very popular pastime in my family!

    Better luck next time. My exclusive goal this week is getting my thesis done before Thursday!

  3. I think you have taken the steps to start getting your mind working to motivating yourself toward your goals. Oh and your steps taken to your book I wanted to add is "working on your book". I finished a book about a year and a half back and the brainstorming and writing ideas down is huge to getting it on paper. Congrats!!! I think you are doing a great job in getting motivated.

  4. Thanks Molly! The 4 day week-end was awesome and much needed!

    Emily - best of luck with your thesis (it seems never ending!)!

    ICD2L - Thanks for the encouragement! Congrats on finishing YOUR book! Is it published yet?


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