Nothing Annoys Me More...

...then spending 5 (or 20) minutes writing out a long, well-thought-out blog comment, only to hit the "comment" button and the whole thing disappears. {ACK!} I've had this happen many times, and you would think that by now I would remember to copy my comment (just in case) so that when it disappears into cyberspace, my time won't be totally wasted as I can hit "paste" and return my comment to try again. But no.

No, I never seem to learn and now I've wasted half an hour on this stupid comment (which I did NOT retype) that I won't get back and I have to be at work in a couple of hours and I really have better things to do with my time then leave comments about buying a used car and not getting killed when you use Craigslist. {sigh} But it bugs me SO. MUCH. to lose a comment. It stresses out the OCD side of me.

Are there bigger things in life? That goes without saying. But it's the little things in life after a long few weeks that can become the real irritants, isn't it? So someone, tell me that I'm not alone in this losing comments battle! Please reassure me that you also find plenty of ways to waste time when you should be doing something else. I would greatly appreciate the your commiseration.

In the meantime, I'm off to do something productive (like loading the dishwasher) and spend some time with the Lord (certainly more relaxing and needed than making blogging comments) before I head in to work. I hope you all have a wonderful day as we head downhill to the week-end!


  1. SO with ya. Been there, done that. No, you are not alone in this battle, and yes, it's the little things in life that can become the real irritants. *sigh* Hope the rest of the day went better!! =)

  2. yep, it is DEFINITELY the little things that set me off some days. And don't bother telling me they are the little things when I'm in the midst of battle.


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