You Can Quote Them...

There are changes brewing on the horizon and so some of these little sayings have come at the perfect time - a time when we may (or may not) be stepping out into new territory (no, not parenthood) and I need to put my brave hat on. Peter, who is always ready to jump into the next adventure, is miles ahead and waving at me to hurry up and join him - so I'm shoving my security side down (the one that is shouting "what if..." and "do we know..." and "what about...") and taking a leap of faith. I'll keep you posted.


In the meantime, while surfing around on Pinterest, I've come across many cute and thought-provoking sayings and quotes. Considering that I feel a bit like something the cat dragged in AND I still have to work today and tomorrow, I've decided to share them with you en lieu of any great, witty post of my own.

If you haven't joined Pinterest yet, I encourage you to do so - it's such a great way to waste time discover new project ideas and fun quotes and photos!
If you join, look me up: www.pinterest.com/cgk
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If you're already on Pinterest, leave me your link in the comments and I'll look you up!


  1. FINALLY catching up on blog reading. Sheesh!! These are great quotes. Just repinned almost all of them myself. =) The "courage" ones make me think of a song by Orianthi that says, "Courage is when you're afraid but you keep on moving anyway." =)

  2. Kaysi - there are a LOT of fun little quotes out there, but I'm glad you liked these. I like that keep moving one as well.


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