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...you use them. Which I don't. I realized I needed to do an update on what I was able to mark off the list I shared last month, but when I went back to read the list, I realized I hadn't done anything on it! Oh yes, I did lots of other stuff (and I'm getting better about the laundry/ironing/folding issue), but the turkey is still frozen, the book is still unwritten, the piles still abound, and the treadmill is collecting dust. While we've made several attempts to restart South Beach Stage 1, this is the worst time of the year to do it and my mom makes such yummy pumpkin desserts! It's so hard to say no. {excuses, excuses}


So once again I'm making a few changes for my goals this month. Rather than pick five specific things that I want to work on, I've chosen five areas where I would like to see growth in myself by the end of the month.

1. Time management (I stink at this)

2. Simplifying and streamlining the house

3. Having (quick) options for eating at home after a day at work, other than Taco Bell

4. Embrace the motto: "Use it Up, Wear it Out, Make it Do, or Do Without"

5. Financial frugality (this gets harder as Christmas gets closer)

I love blogging (and reading other blogs), but it's one of the reasons that #1 needs to be a priority. Since I've been working outside the house, I seem to have accepted the mentality that my time is my own once I get home, so if I want to spend hours cruising blogs and messing around on Pinterest and Facebook, I've earned it. Yikes! That's an entitlement mentality if ever I saw one - and it has to stop. Peter works two to three times as many hours as I do and he still handles his part of the jobs around the house. My household activities have all slipped to the point where they are done only when absolutely necessary (in other words, pick off that dust bunny before you eat what you dropped on the floor). So #1 is a biggie this month!

I've been working on #2, but there's still much that can be done in that area. As for #3, I've been using up several of the meals I had in the freezer, but it's time to do some soup cooking and freezing now that the weather is getting cooler. It's far too easy to suggest grabbing a "cheap" bite at Sonic or Taco Bell after a long day, which goes against item #5 on the list. And if I work on embracing #4, I'm hoping that will take care of my turkey-in-the-freezer problem too. I'll keep you posted...

So that's it for me. Total fail last month (on the goals I listed, anyway), but regrouping to try again. How about you? What goals have you set for the month/year? Have you made progress on them? Do you have any tips about time management (especially if you blog on a regular/daily basis)? I'd love to hear your thoughts on any or all of these issues! See you next month when I report in on my (hopeful) progress!


  1. I like your idea! Maybe those 5 areas could be 5 overarching or "umbrella" goals that your daily goals or to do list could be under. In other words, when you're making your to do list for the day, you could glance at your 5 umbrella goals (maybe have them written out on a 3x5 card) to give you ideas of how you could make progress in that area for the day -- even if it's something small. : )
    I'm gonna try this, too.
    Good luck! Hey, maybe you can start thawing that turkey and have it this weekend?

  2. Ohhhhhhhh how I need a little bit of #4 in my life.
    I remember toward the end (who I am I kidding - during most is more accurate) of the time I was working my full time job I fell into the same "entitlement" mentality. I was so mentally exhausted that doing things that I don't "like" to do - ie cleaning - was NOT appealing. Good for you for recognizing that you've slipped into that trap.
    As far as time management goes, I'm no expert but I've learned rewarding myself works. For instance, do a chore - earn 15 min on Pinterest, etc. It still allows for the stuff I love but I get some work done too. It might be worth a try?

  3. Sandy and Molly - I like both of your ideas (umbrella goals and the rewards after the work is done). In fact, I've been trying both and have seen some progress, so thanks for taking the time to write and suggest them!


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