Name That Car!

I'm so excited to announce that after much searching, lots of disappointments, a plethora of phone calls, and a Sunday afternoon drive, we are finally the happy owners of a 2002, 4-door, 5-speed Honda Accord WITH sunroof! {happy dance}

This car was purchased to replace the 2-door Accord that Peter is currently driving. If you've been reading the blog for any amount of time and you're keeping track, yes, this is his third Honda this year (1984 Honda Civic - SOLD, 1994 Honda Accord - FOR SALE, and now the 2002 Honda Accord - DONE UPGRADING). The best part is that we got a great deal on it and we paid cash, so no ugly car payments hanging over our head. {major happy dance}

While driving home, I decided that it looked like a "Vader" (as in, Darth). We also tossed around names like "Kit", "The Knight Rider", and "The Dark Knight", but "Vader" seemed good to us. That is, until Peter did a little research and discovered that the official name of the Honda paint color was "Night Hawk Black - Pearl", which made him want to throw a couple more names into the ring, mainly, "Night Hawk" and "Black Pearl". I vetoed "Night Hawk", but was a bit swayed by the "Black Pearl".

We're currently holding court on the name on both our personal Facebook page and the Busy Nothings page, but I wanted to open it up to the opinions of my lovely blog readers as well. Below is a photo of the new-to-us car...


So...what do you think?

Vader or Black Pearl?

Leave your vote in the comments!


  1. I've always been told you have to go with your first instinct. Vader!

    By the way, we've had a 2003 Honda Accord for years. We love ours!!

  2. Well, I like the scene in the first Pirates of the Caribbean, (Black Pearl)where they are talking about the gold coins/medallion "calling to them". I think they said, "It calls to us." So, I'm going with Black Pearl. Let it call to you!

    You all are car happy! Love our 2001 Accord.


  3. Definitely the black pearl!!!!

    love, Meaghan

  4. Black Pearl!! My car's name is Pearl -- a nod to the same movie, inspired by her official color ("moon pearl")... Also a nod to Lord of the Rings due to her being my "gray SHIP passing into the West" when I moved to Reno. I know, that may be a bit of a stretch, but I'm okay with that. =)

  5. Vader....Love Love Love it! So excited to hear what you and Peter decide. More excited for your happy dance and NO CAR PAYMENTS....yeah! I'm working away at that myself and my goal is April...yeah!

  6. I vote for Vader. It makes the car seem more like a person and I think it's fun to give your car a personality. My first car was a 88 Honda Accord. It served me and my younger sister well. Made it through 3 wrecks before it finally bit the dust.

  7. Definitely Black Pearl. It's not quite Vadar enough I think. And that's a good thing! ;)

    And just as a funny thing -- the captcha says monies

  8. Well, we stuck with Vader in the end - it just fit the car. :-)


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