Thankful For :: 621 - 630

This week I'm thankful for...

621. All the lovely and fun comments on recent blog posts

622. Getting on the same financial page with my spouse

623. A week that has flown by...love those!

624. Getting lots of cooking done on my two days off (there are 8 pans of lasagna in our freezer!)

624. Homemade Chicken Andouille soup - A.MAZ.ING.

625. Giveaways - and the fact that there's only ONE left (and a chance for FIVE of you to WIN!!)

626. The realization of how much God has blessed us - not just financially, but in life

627. Honest, open, and straightforward communication in marriage

628. Cooler, rainy, "dreary" days - did I mention that they are my favorite?

629. Safety while driving

630. Peter's new car
Knight Rider
The Night Hawk
The Black Hawk
Darth Tater
The Sith
The Flying Dutchman
The Black Pearl

Thanks to all who voted on the name, but in the end we stuck with our original choice...



  1. Great choice on the car name!

    In response to your contest, last night megan and I had a visit with our pastor at our house, and I felt like we still don't have enough artwork and scripture in our home (not that he cared)! The Bible verse that holds a special place in our hearts is Matthew 18:10.

    Keep on blogging (maybe try a vlog?), you may not get a lot of comments, but I'm sure there have got be a lot of lurkers who enjoy your antics!

  2. I'm still liking ya on facebook! :)

  3. Good morning, Carrie! Thank you so much for Our copy of Mashed Potatoes! Ed and I opened it this morning!
    I also like your choice of car name.
    Enjoy your day!

  4. David - thanks! Peter and I made a video to announce the final winners, does that count?! ;-)

    Jo - glad you got the book, enjoy!


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