My {5} Goals :: November

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Apparently I do better when my goals are what you would call general guidelines rather than hard and fast rules. If you need a reminder of what I worked on in October, I've got the goals and their results (in italics) below.

1. Time management (I stink at this)
I still stink at this, BUT...I made a conscious effort to pay attention to how I spent my time. I focused on MVP (Maxium Visual Progress) projects (like keeping the sink cleaned out), and was intentional about making sure something productive was done each day (even if it was just cleaning off the dining room table). There are still a bajillion ways that I can improve in this area, which is why it remains on my November list of goals.

2. Simplifying and streamlining the house
I'm happy to say that I made some huge strides in this area in the last month! I took two large loads to my favorite local donation site and took some time to stare into the back of the car and remind myself of why I'm going to embrace the William Morris principle. I also created an out-of-sight spot with two donation boxes for future purging. With the WM quote in mind, we bit the bullet this month and repainted and purged the living room...and we're loving the simplified results


3. Having (quick) options for eating at home after a day at work, other than Taco Bell
Sonic and Taco Bell still got some of our funds this month, but I also forced myself to do a couple of days of freezer cooking while I was off last week. The results are that we now have eight (8!) pans of lasagna, and four servings of chicken enchiladas in the freezer for those nights when I don't feel like cooking. Woo hoo!

4. Embrace the motto: "Use it Up, Wear it Out, Make it Do, or Do Without"
During the Great October Purge of 2011, I made the decision to keep several sheet sets rather than donate them. These are the kind of things that I'll happily use for painting cloths, to cover gardens from early frost, or let Peter rip apart or get grease all over if necessary. Better to use what I have then one day say, "Oh shoot..." - right??

5. Financial frugality (this gets harder as Christmas gets closer)
As you know by now, we bought a new-used car for Peter. It wasn't exactly planned, but at the same time we knew that it was probably going to be necessary at some point in the future. And we paid cash. {happy dance} So all of that to say, our previous frugality paid off and now we're in the process of rebuilding our savings.


Below are my goals for the month of November...

1. Continue to work on time management

2. Make cleaning the house a priority

3. Christmas preparation (gift lists and inventory of what I already have)

4. Staying true to the financial goals we've set

5. Add soup to my freezer food

That's it from my end - how about YOU? Any progress to report or goals created? How do you stay on track when you're working towards something? I loved Molly's idea last month of rewarding yourself with computer time once your chore(s) is/are completed. I've actually been using that idea and it has been helpful in keeping me on task, so thanks Molly!


  1. I love your new living room!!! It is warm, cozy and inviting! Great job! I think we can all relate to time management skills...life seems to be full of distractions that keep us from staying on task. It's a constant struggle...my problem is what I make a priority...

  2. This is my entry for the free stuff. Please pick me this time!!!!!!!!! I struggle with time management too and keeping my house clean and all the rest everyone does. If there were about three of me, I mught be more successful in these areas.That idea scares my husband. Ha!

    Have a good weekend! Glad you liked your gift! Hmmm,does this mean "presents for pretty girls????"

  3. Is that YOUR living room? Only asking because it looks straight out of House Beautiful. Fantastic!

  4. Thanks, Anne! Yes, that is our living room - you can read about the total makeover (and how it started) here:



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