Thankful For :: 631 - 640

My work schedule has been all over the place this week, but because of the flexibility that we learned while living overseas, it was really okay. It was a great reminder to me that no lessons learned in this life are learned in a void - there may be a time (even years down the line) when they come back to you in full force. While we were continually moving locations in Botswana (13 times in 4 months) I did my share of grumbling to Peter. But by the time we got to move #4 or #5, the Lord began to work on us and help us to loosen up and learn how to be flexible - not only to where we were living or how often we were moving, but to His plans for our life together. An invaluable lesson that I was reminded of this week...and of course, it made the list. What are you thankful for this week?

I'm thankful for...

631. Life lessons that were  learned so well that they simply became a part of who I am

632. Flexibility - it makes life so much easier

633. Feeling peace about ideas when thinking, talking, and planning for the future

634. Fleece pants

635. The first night sleeping with flannel sheets and our heated mattress pad (so hard to get out of bed!)

636. Amazing cupcakes made by a co-worker for Halloween

637. Time spent catching up with dear friends

638. The first cozy fire of the year

639. Breaking out the Christmas music - hey, I waited a lot longer this year than I did last year!

640. Surprise packages full of goodies arriving in the mail from my sister

This adorable little bag is from Thirty-One Gifts


  1. A heated mattress pad? I've never heard of this but it sounds like a fantastic idea!! I'd never get out of bed :)

  2. Don't you love the flanned sheets. We were just talking about them here this past week. Hope you enjoyed that fire, we've started the fire up a couple times so far this fall and it's so cozy. Hope you have a great week. Take care.

  3. Erika - it IS a fantastic idea! We got our first one when we were living in Lesotho where it was 36 degrees INSIDE the house, and we've never looked back! We just purchased a new one this year with duel controls and it is AMAZING. Well worth the money. We keep our house cool (60) to save propane, so the heated mattress pad (plus flannel sheets) is a life saver!

    Irish - My mom gave the whole family sets of flannel sheets when I was about 5 and my siblings were in college in cold areas of the country. We fell deeply in love and I now have a nice collection of flannel sheets for winter sleeping. :-)

  4. We've got the flannel sheets out now too and I tell you, they do NOT make me want to jump out of bed!! Soooo cozy.


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