Thankful For :: 641 - 650

As we get closer to Thanksgiving, people begin to give thanks for more things in their life. I see the daily lists popping up on Facebook and I hear people talking about how we should express gratitude during this time of the year, but I would highly encourage you to give thanks the other eleven months as well As I go into the second year of my weekly "Thankful For" list, I can tell you with some authority that taking time each week to consider how I have been blessed does wonders for my attitude and helps keep the "gimme gotchas" at bay. When Thanksgiving is over, I encourage you to continue to count your blessings!

This week I'm thankful for...

641. All who have served our country in the military, including my father, father-in-law, and brother - Happy Veterans Day, and THANK YOU!

642. Early mornings to get more done

643. Fleece-lined robes and Wicked Good slippers

644. Hot oatmeal on cold mornings

645. Mouse traps

646. A husband who deals with what's in the mouse trap

647. Fun dates - 11/11/11

648. Sinus medication

649. Having one warm(er) room in the house where I can go to escape the cold

650. The resources, time, and opportunity to pack shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child

That, my friends, is why I pack shoe boxes. Won't you join me?

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