Thankful For :: 731 - 740

This week has been good. Difficult in some ways, but what weeks aren't? I've faced several issues that had to be dealt with, like my apparent need to spend excessive amounts of time online (blogs, Pinterest, Facebook, but-not-so-much Twitter or GoodReads), or the reasons behind why I apparently have no interest in filing paperwork for a year. On the positive side, while I still don't enjoy my day job, I have decided that if I'm going to stay there for a while longer, I need to change my attitude. Instead of focusing on the negative aspects of work, I need to look for the positive and find joy in the small parts of the job that I do enjoy. One person in a foul mood can set the tone at work for the day, and I would much rather be the person who can help create a positive tone, rather than be Complaining Carrie. Wouldn't you?

This week I'm thankful for...

731. A second chance to do something that should have been done when I first felt the prodding of the Holy Spirit

732. Fruitful quiet times with the Lord and His Word

733. Conviction and personal growth

734. Being married to a man who isn't afraid to point out my areas of weakness that I would rather ignore

735. Catching the fraud on our debit card shortly after it occurred

736. That we use a bank who dealt with the fraud quickly and painlessly

737. A week of Peruvian leftovers

738. Seeing progress in developing good habits

739. It's made the list so many times before, but I just love rainy days!

740.  A perspective adjustment (read this)


  1. Sounds like we are learning some of the same lessons, friend!! =) Funny how much MY attitude can make a difference in the circumstances I want so much to change. Ironic, really! =) Keep on keepin' on!

  2. Hi Carrie....Wow-does this ever sound like me these days? Oh Carrie-I just love how you are so great with putting things into perspective, what you shared about people in the workplace is exactly what goes on in my workplace. Better attitude rocks the house. = ) My current administrator once told me why she hires certain people, "Better attitude, trained skill" as in she can train people but can't control an attitude. I loved it! Have a great weekend.

  3. Carrie....Forgot to tell you, I shared your link on my Dedicated 2 LIFE facebook page. Keep inspiring like you do = )


  4. Jamie - hahah! :-)

    Kaysi - thanks for the encouragement!

    Irish - it's good to see you back! Thanks for sharing the link on FB - always appreciated! :-)


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