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A song or album makes the list each week because music is so much a part of our life and our daily routine, although neither of us are musically inclined. I took the obligatory piano lessons as a child, then moved on to seven years of the clarinet before choosing the CD player as my instrument of choice. Peter tried the trumpet and then the guitar before acknowledging that he was strong on music enthusiasm, but short on natural talent. However, that doesn't stop either of us from enjoying a variety of musical styles, including songs like The Poor People Of Paris by Les Baxter & His Orchestra...

...and Clarence "frogman" Henry singing (I Don't Know Why) But I Do.

While we're on music, let's just slide right in to one of my favorite films from childhood on, shall we? I remember the first time our family rented The Man Who Would Be King (Sean Connery, Michael Caine) on the recommendation of my oldest brother. What a treat! I still have this movie on VHS, but I wouldn't say no to a DVD copy in my stocking this Christmas. {Hint, hint}

I picked up three of these small Sterilite Clipboxes last week at Target, but the handles on mine are red and they were perfect for creating small first-aid kits for our cars and the PH. However, although the red handled variety were readily available at my local Target, I couldn't find them on any website (including the Sterilite site), so all I know to tell you to do is to check at your local Target.

This diagram from Tim Hawkins cracked me up. If you raise your arms in worship, no offence intended. However, let me warn you that if you're a hands-at-your-sides worshipper, you might have a hard time keeping a straight face the next time someone in front of you pulls one of these moves.


What are YOU loving this week?


  1. I love that hand raising chart. I try not to pay attention to such things during services but I have a bad habit of noticing.

  2. Joanna - glad it made you laugh. :-)


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