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There are no words for this. Make no mistake, I'm not recommending it, but when I saw it on Amazon, I absolutely had to pass this little beauty along to all you fine folks. My favorite part might just be the title, Rikki KnightTM Pancake Art Light Switch Plate - Ideal Gift for all Occasions. "Ideal gift" - for whom?? I can't think of a single person on my gift list who would list this as their "ideal gift", unless it was a gag gift. Then it might be ideal. What do you think?

I was recently challenged by an article that Rachel wrote on one of my favorite blogs: Small Notebook. It was a timely reminder to me that it's really not just about tossing one item when you bring a new item in, it's more about being picky with what you bring in to the house at all. It ties in so nicely with the whole William Morris Project that Jules hosts each week at Pancakes and French Fries, and if you haven't checked one or both of these blogs out, then I suggest you do so. Now.

{Small Notebook}

I've never been a fan of dainty. When I was starting college in Boston, I knew I needed to get a watch so I'd be on time to class, but after perusing the ladies selection, I headed over to the men's section and went home with a large, silver Timex. I've worn that watch every day for the last thirteen years and it's still going strong. Love it! If you're in the market for a new watch, then I'd heartily recommend something like the Timex Easy Reader with Indiglo Illumination, and switch out the band to metal (as I did, 13 years ago).

Last week, My {5} was heavy on music, but this week I'm going heavy on bloggy love. Lisa (Trapped in North Jersey) talked about her dress-love last week, and I was enamoured by the pinkish-red number from Talbots. Although I'm not a fan of sleeveless anything, I can imagine this dress with a little 3/4 sleeve cardigan, or even a tailored denim jacket (is that a crazy idea?). The price tag left me speechless, but I've got this one pinned so that I can periodically check back to see if it goes on super sale.

When I was seven, my twenty-something brother took me to see The Music Man performed by our local high school theatre group. I fell in love as soon as the "traveling salesmen" sang about River City while they bounced along on a "train". While those kids did a great job (at least to my seven-year-old ears), there's nothing quite like the original Music Man, staring Shirley Jones and Robert Preston. Although the film didn't come out until two years after my parents were married, the song, Seventy Six Trombones, debuted in the original play (by Meredith Wilson) in 1957. My mom loves to tell the story of my father whistling Seventy Six Trombones while he walked across their college campus on a frigid, Chicago day. She said the cold air made his whistle go even further, and all the girls in the dorm would shout to my mom, "Larry's coming!" Needless to say, the song, the play, and the film all have a special place in my heart.


What are YOU loving this week?


  1. I love the dress!!!! The color would look really pretty on you.

  2. Yep, I DO love that dress. Now, if it will just go on clearance...


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