And The Winner Is ...

I know that there are some folks who grow tired of giveaways on blogs, Twitter, and Facebook, but I want to say thanks for taking part in this giveaway that Dee is offering to the readers of Busy Nothings. I truly love her work and this hymn collection includes some of my favorite songs that have encouraged me during some of the darkest days. I'm honored that there are enough visitors to my little corner of the blog world to warrant doing a giveaway like this - it gives me hope for the future and makes me excited to see where we go from here. Without you, my dear bloggy friends, there would be no point to writing, so thanks for being here!

To Dee, I'd just like to say Thank You for the opportunity to share your art with my friends, and for not telling me to buzz off when I emailed you time after time! You have been truly kind in our communication and I'm grateful for the opportunity to team up with you. Blessings!

And now on to the really exciting stuff! As always, I used the website Random.org to select a winner (there were 61 entries), and then I counted down the list (twice) to see who won.

The winner of a hymn print of your choice is...


...and comment #27 was made by Town and Country Mom!


Congratulations! You'll be hearing from me shortly to get your final print selection and a mailing address, so please respond within 3 days of receiving the winning email - thanks!

And while you are reveling in your amazing prize, I'll be enjoying my day off and this view from my office window ...


Now, I ask you: How am I supposed to concentrate on filing paperwork and paying bills and writing articles when such a tree is outside calling my name?

I love spring!


  1. I can't believe it! Thanks so much! I am so excited!!!! (Can you tell? ;)

  2. T & C Mom - I sent you an email to your gmail address yesterday, and when I didn't hear from you this morning, I just left a comment on your blog with my email address. Congratulations on winning! :-)


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