Thankful For :: 821 - 830

We have had THE.MOST.BEAUTIFUL.WEATHER here this week. Totally un-March-like, but certainly not unappreciated. We did some work on the PH last week-end, and after sitting outside all day on Saturday to tend to a bonfire, I realized it would have been wise to lather on some sunscreen. But seriously? Who gets sunburned in the mountains of East Tennessee in MARCH? At least, that was my thinking. My flame red face, ear, and right hand said otherwise. On Wednesday night it was so nice out that we actually sat on the porch swing at 8 PM to enjoy the sunset - did we move and I missed the memo? No complaints, though, no complaints.

This week I'm thankful for...

821. The aforementioned beautiful weather and warm evenings

822. Time to work on the PH

823. Finding the original wooden siding under the "updated" plastic siding on the PH

824. Unexpected (but appreciated) changes to my work schedule

825. That Peter left "early" from his job on Wednesday so we could enjoy a delightful evening at home

826. Candles that smell like clover

827. Canceled meetings

828. A day off from my job to run errands and take lunch to Peter at his job

829. Aloe lotion for March sunburns

830. St. Patrick and his Trinity shamrock example: Father, Son, Holy Spirit - Three, yet One


What are YOU thankful for?


  1. Carrie I pretty sure I can get a sunburn anytime of the year, regardless of temperature if the sun is shinning! I've got them in March before :) Gotta love fair skin!

  2. Loved your post. Isn't it awesome how many great things work out and are blessings -- all we have to do is make ourselves aware of them. I think that is why I love reading these posts from you so much. You keep us readers on our toes and keep us thinking about what to be grateful for.

    Hope things are great.



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